Taking kitty to the vet.

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Susan Bowler


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  1. Pfffttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt After destroying a medical supply to get up there, it shredded both of the man’s arms and began running in a cyrcle on the ceiling lamps.

  2. I’m guessing this is a stray cat. There were a few people who lived at my family’s house, and one of them summoned the courage to enter through my open back door, unnoticed by my father. When he shut the door, the cat went insane. It ran around the living room in this manner until the door was opened, at which point it bolted out.

    Never again would you place a paw through the doorway.

  3. My cat is the most cuddle-loving, attention-seeking cat you’ve ever seen, but send him to the vet and he’ll kill you. But our driver, who is a complete jerk at home, is acting like a good boy for the vet. It’s illogical.

  4. тот кот вно не доволен уровнем редоставлени медиински услу, и в орве нева реил раеат каинет врау.

  5. When my father took her to the vet instead of me, my cat did this. It was just a routine checkup, and she ended up ripping her toe and requiring stitches. She just lies in my arms every time I take her. We assumed everything would be fine. I made a mistake. Never allowing someone else to take her.

  6. As a former vet tech, this gives me PTSD! We had a few cats that we had to sedate and release by putting on complete chain mail suits and welding gloves, locking 2-3 of us in a bathroom with the cat. Cats are ferocious!

  7. Being a cat in a vet clinic is akin to being a human in an alien spaceship, when you think about it. All is unusually tidy, organized, and white, and some strange mf’r is attempting to stick a probe up your arse.

  8. My cat, Henry, does the same thing, but he also bites the crap out of me. On all visits, the vet now requires that we sedate him. He’s got one coming up in April, which should be a lot of fun.

  9. Ownership: A few more techs will be needed, as well as a blanket or net. You should most likely attempt to sedate since.

    Vet: Oh, we don’t sedate unless it’s absolutely necessary. We’ve seen frightened cats in the past.

    Owner: All right, give me a second while I get my camera out.

    *Opens parkour cat’s crate*

    Vet: Bring me a tranq rifle, please.

  10. When they said “she wasn’t very happy to be here,” I like to think this was my baby. We’ve never taken her to the vet because she’s a pandemic kitty.

  11. Clovis, my 15-year-old, transforms into the meanest little jerk at the vet’s office. She hisses, spits, growls, scratches, and bites and refuses to come out of the carrier. She bit me and then bit the vet, so she’ll need kitty sedatives before she goes. I adore her, even though she’s old, grumpy, and a little scruffy.

  12. омн, как своео кота воил ерв ра в маине, римерно так ест, но в олее комактном ространстве )

  13. The best part is watching this guy with scratch resistant gloves sit there doing nothing while a woman armed with nothing but the top half of a kitty crate AT LEAST TRYES to help.

  14. I took our kitten in for shots and waited in the car because of Covid, not expecting anything since he was so calm. They carried him out and carefully handed me the carrier, as well as a referral to the “Friends of Ferals” clinic for his neutering. I suppose he was like John Wick in the office, leaving a smoldering pile of cadavers. I’ll never know what happened.

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  16. That poor kitty is scared to death. The place has an odd odor to it, and it frequently smells like death *to them*. The only thing that comes to mind for us humans is if every single doctor’s appointment took place in a hospital’s operating room.

  17. What the heck is that fool doing? I’m a veterinary nurse. He’s simply allowing the cat to run around and muck up the room, possibly injuring itself. He’s wearing cat gloves and acts as if he’s scared of the cat. If I saw a technician or, worse, a veterinarian this inept with animals, I would never bring my animal back here.

  18. Dude isn’t sure about his gloves. What happened to the towel? So shrewd. He should have grabbed that cat the moment he slipped his hands through the carrier’s crack. They just gazed at each other for a bit, then the cat was like “yep fuck this” and blew right outta there.

  19. This is such a clumsy attempt at a video. They essentially set themselves up for failure with no blankets, towels, fearful/tentative employees, and no supplies available.

  20. When the owner says they don’t want to take medication and that “they’ll hold the cat and it’ll be great,” it’s a good sign.

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

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